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Projects and Training
Projects and Training
Linux hut solution offer guidance about major/minor projects and training of CS and IT students. Our experience and qualified facilities provide help to create projects and projects documents for students.
What students get out of engineering Industrial Training?
The main reason engineering students need to do Industrial Training (IT) is so they are well prepared for a job in their chosen field. It is a chance for you to put what you have learned at university to work in the kind of real-life situations you will come up against when you start your career. Industrial training gives you great experience during your Bachelor of Engineering degree including:
First-hand experience working as an engineering professional
Apply your technical knowledge and engineering methods to a real-life situations
Work with other engineering professionals
Experience what it’s like to work in a professional organization
Increase your technical, interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written
Observe interactions of engineers with other professional groups
Witness the functioning and organization of business and companies
Objectives of industrial training?
Training in an industrial environment provides the trainees with the opportunity to develop a problem solving attitude.
It also diversifies their practical experience and helps them in developing the attributes of team work and correlation with members of other professions and disciplines.
It is intended to provide the trainees with a new dimension to their experience.
This would necessarily involve exposure of trainees to the entire gamut of activities of industrial establishments in a phased and systematic manner.
An exposure to the working environment of a large commercial organization will give them an integrated view of its operations.
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