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Student Creation
Student Creation
As educators, teachers have the responsibility to create assessments that encourage students to work towards a higher level of achievement. Linux Hut Solution provides motivational classrooms, assignments and projects for students. Students who are involved in these processes of creating projects have a better understanding of the standards, gradations, and expectations of the assignment. Students also feel as if they have a "voice" within the classroom.
Why Involve Students?
By involving students in project creation, students feel more empowered and their learning becomes more focused and self-directed. Intrinsic motivation occurs when students design their own assessments and projects. If students help to create a project, it is much easier to hold them to its standards. When students invest a decent amount of time and commitment into a project, they naturally want to participate in creating the assessment for that project. When students involve in creation and presentation they will find more about topic and know about his or her goals.
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